The Nasboy book cover Read more or buy the book The Nasboy

One of the consequences of being defrauded by a Bank and not being able to run your business, is bailiffs. I wrote this book after we’d had an horrendous time dealing with a particular bailiff which caused me to research bailiff law. This book isn’t about where we are with bailiffs – but it may well be where we’re going. The Nasboy – coming to a street near you.


The Coming And Going Of Maria Front Cover Read more or buy the book  The Coming and Going of Maria

I wrote this book in 2007 and just after we uncovered the HBOS Reading fraud. Not surprisingly, I was suffering from extreme insomnia and, rather that count sheep, I decided to write about the amazing medieval village in Italy where I lived for many years. Admittedly it does include some poetic licence but the basic story is a true one. If you like Italy, Mafia tales, food, humour and utter madness, then you’ll enjoy this book.

Review on Amazon Kindle:

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Very Good Story, Very Well Written, Definitely Recommend, Reasonably Edited
This is one of the best books that I have read for a long time and I enjoyed it thoroughly.It is a funny, irreverent, slightly risqué and the characters are wonderfully formed and very powerful; I’m sure we’ve all met people like those in the book.It is set in a village in Italy (influenced by the author’s own experiences) and follows the adventures of four sex-starved old men as they try to rekindle their youth, with disastrous consequences that impact their wives, other villagers and the authorities.I have rarely laughed out loud when reading in a public place but this one did it to me – a great read. A minor gripe – the number of typos and errors. I’ve reported this back to the author and I’m sure they will be fixed. It would have been 5 stars had it not been for this problem with the book”

Needless to say I have sorted typo’s. NT

Reviews from Authonomy:

“Italy. A murder. The Mafia. Oh, and comedy. What not’s not to love? Your prose is accessible and fluid and engaging at all times. This feels like an excellent summer read for long days by a swimming pool.
The very best of luck with it.”


“The first thing that strikes me is your knowledge of Italy, your descriptions are bang on. You are obviously writing what you know. A good read.”

You can read the first few chapters of the book on this link – just scroll down:


hankcover Read more or buy the book  Hank The Spider

We all have phobia’s and I was determined my daughters wouldn’t end up with mine. So I wrote the story of Hank, who was a real spider who lived in our bathroom for a while – although I don’t think he really had all the adventures I’ve attributed to him. But who knows? The first story/poem about Hank was read on BBC radio 4 and was described as an antidote to arachnophobia. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but it is entertaining and it only takes ten minutes to read so worth a shot is you’re scared of spiders.


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