Venue Confirmed at the Law Society for 1st meeting of SMEalliance

Very brief blog to confirm the 1st meeting of SME Alliance will take place 24th September at 1.00pm in the Old Council Chamber of the Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London.

This meeting has come about as a concerted effort. Many thanks to Jon Welsby who has got us the venue; to all the people who have got on board so  enthusiastically; to Nick Gould and to Gareth of Rustem Guardian who are supporting SME Alliance.

I’ll stop there before it becomes an Academy Awards speech where I throw in family members, my cats (dead and alive) and a tragic life story. But I would genuinely like to say (she’s off again), who would have thought something so important, and in a way so obvious, could have happened so quickly?

I look forward to seeing those attending on the 24th – and for those who couldn’t make it but want to support this initiative – the website will be up soon, it’s easy to join, it won’t cost anything and your support will mean everything.

We need a voice to make SMEs heard. If you join us, we’ll get that voice.








5 thoughts on “Venue Confirmed at the Law Society for 1st meeting of SMEalliance

  1. steve middleton

    Hi, Jon Welsby has asked if I can make the meeting next Wednesday and possibly the expert banking barrister I am working with but the blog says the meeting is full can you advise please.


    1. greatitalianrecipes Post author

      The venue we have is bigger than we originally had. Be happy to see you if you can confirm straight away as, unbeleiveably, we have a list of potentials. So it’s kind of first come, first served. Respond or tweet me @spandavia and I’ll reserve 2 places.



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